15 Mar 2011

Mix Thirty

It's our milestone 30th mix! As a thank you, this one's a specially extended show, which includes a tribute to Mark Adams, bassist and founder of funk outfit Slave who passed away recently, as well as a live cut from funk legend Maceo Parker.

There's also three newcomers in the shape of Jahneen, Saturday Night Band and Standing Room Only, with Rufus, Dazzle Roy Ayers and T-Connection too.

Once again, thanks for listening, joining in on our facebook page and tuning into our YouTube channel - it makes doing this a lot of fun. Stay with VibeRide and you'll stay funky!

10 Mar 2011

Gigspot: Maceo Parker | Jazz Cafe 2

Last night we took in Maceo Parker at the Jazz Cafe, London, for the first time since we last saw him there back in 2008 - far too long to wait!

If VibeRide could have a spokesman or a person to represent what we're all about, then Maceo Parker would be my number one choice, without a doubt. I just love everything about this guy. His passion, his presence, his humour, and most of all his musical ability with that alto-sax. For a 68 year old, this guy has some serious stamina and in fact was still funking it hard when we (very reluctantly) had to leave to get our train! If I get to 68 and I've got anything like his energy I will be delighted.

I'm not going to wax lyrical about the gig and get into an in-depth review because, really, I don't think it's necessary. Except to say that Dennis Rollins was especially awesome on the night, as was Maceo's nephew, Corey Parker on drums - this young man has some serious skills.

Check out the video below and wallow in it. You'll find the rest here. No one does "funk" like Maceo. Everyone, music lover or not, should see Maceo Parker live at least once in their lifetime. It's one of those things in life that is just good for you. You come out feeling alive. Long live Maceo!