27 Dec 2010

Quincy Jones TV Interview

Watch Music impresario Quincy Jones on PBS. See more from Tavis Smiley.

19 Dec 2010

Mix Twenty Six

Christmas won't arrive early, but that's okay because Mix Twenty Six has - hurrah! It's early, but in a slightly different place. For boring technical reasons, for the first week or so it will be available exclusively on mixcloud.com only, then afterwards through our player here on the website and through iTunes.

13 Dec 2010

Gigspot: Jocelyn Brown | Jazz Cafe

Last Friday we enjoyed an invigorating live performance from legendary vocalist, Jocelyn Brown (& the Allstars Collective), at the Jazz Cafe in London.

It's one thing listening to this lady on record, but very much another to hear  (and feel) her voice resonating through your ears from a matter of feet away. Uplifting and inspiring, her voice soared to euphoric heights that few other singers can reach. A very enjoyable performance indeed.

28 Nov 2010

Mix Twenty Five

Mix Twenty Five is here and so it's time to banish those winter blues, get some mulled wine on the go and turn this one up loud. Since VibeRide's inception just over a year ago we have brought you over 250 cuts of the finest funky and soulful grooves out there, and without any repeats.

7 Nov 2010

Gigspot: Jamiroquai | Jazz Cafe

A couple of days ago, VibeRide was amongst 300 people to see Jamiroquai play an exclusive gig at the intimate Jazz Cafe in London.

Minus the usual feathered head dress and sporting instead a more modest purple trillby, Jay Kay hit the stage with more band members than could physically fit onto it. This meant we were treated to the peculiar spectacle of backing-singers standing on a stair case, but it took nothing away from Jamiroquai's performance.

6 Nov 2010

Mix Twenty Four

Better late than never, Mix Twenty Four is finally here and it features two tracks that are receiving serious rotation at VibeRide HQ at the moment.

28 Sep 2010

Mix Twenty Three

Mix Twenty Three is here and it's firing on all funk cylinders. If you haven't heard Incognito's recently released studio album, then you're in for a treat because this mix features a very hot track from it featuring Tony Momrelle on vocals. Click the album cover (left) to listen

4 Sep 2010

Win a VibeRide T-shirt

the VibeRide store: click to visit
Here's your chance to win an exclusive VibeRide T-shirt from the VibeRide clothing range!

All the tracks in Mix Twenty Two have been famously sampled in songs by various artists over the last 21 years or so, most of which went on to become well-known chart songs in the U.S dance play chart and/or the UK singles chart.

To enter, all you have to do is listen to Mix Twenty Two and then email viberide@gmail.com with the names (and artists) of three of the chart hits that sampled the originals in our mix.

The winner will be chosen at random from all the correct entries and will win a VibeRide T-shirt of their choice, size and colour (where applicable).

Competition closes on the 25th of September 2010 and the winner will be announced the next day. 

3 Sep 2010

Mix Twenty Two

Mix Twenty Two has hit the webwaves and is awaiting your funk-lovin' ears to make it come alive. I thought I would try something I bit different for this show and so this one has a theme. Click the album cover (left) to listen.

15 Aug 2010

Mix Twenty One

It's here, our 21st, but rather than go on a drinking-binge and end up face down in a pool of our own vomit somewhere on the outskirts of Exeter like your average 21 year old would do, we thought we'd bring you yet another hot serving of funk instead. The right choice I'm sure you'll agree.

1 Aug 2010

Gigspot: Earth, Wind & Fire | London

Last week we had the enormous priviledge of seeing Earth, Wind & Fire perform live. Although I lived in hope, I never really believed I'd get to see Earth, Wind & Fire because it seemed their touring days were over. Naturally then, when I heard they were playing London I felt like a kid with a new toy.

21 Jul 2010

Mix Twenty

We've hit the big 2-0, yes this is Mix Twenty and the funk levels are still dangerously high. Click the album cover (left) to listen.

30 Jun 2010

Mix Nineteen

VibeRide is almost one year old, but before we celebrate, first there's the matter of Mix Nineteen which offers up some seriously fierce basslines. Click the album cover (left) to listen.

7 Jun 2010

Mix Eighteen

Mix Eighteen is coming your way and there ain't no way of stopping it. So just grab a hold and enjoy the ride. It comes with 11 cuts of fiesty funkiness sure to grab your spirits by their scruff and hurl them sky high.

15 May 2010

Mix Seventeen

We might have hit May already, but the weather here in the UK is stubbornly refusing to leave the winter behind and brits are left with no choice but to continue to reluctantly wear jackets, jumpers and the like. 

23 Apr 2010

Mix Sixteen

Mix Sixteen has erupted like a volcano of funk and is billowing out funktitude all across the world wide web. Unlike a real volcano, the closer you get to this one, the better.

1 Apr 2010

Mix Fifteen

Mix Fifteen is here just in time for the Easter break, and so if you're planning on partying, then why not get in the groove with VibeRide's latest offering.

11 Mar 2010

Mix Fourteen

Mix fourteen is out now and features a Chic track that is a masterclass in the art of funk bass, a live Commodores track and a debut for a certain group that went by the name of The O'Jays. That's accompanied by a host of feel-good tracks from the likes of Slave, Con Funk Shun, Kleer, Jamiroquai and more.

19 Feb 2010

Mix Thirteen

Forgot about the number thirteen being unlucky, fortune favours the funky and so does our latest mix. This one's got something very special and ultra-rare from Earth, Wind & Fire, which with a mixture of good fortune and hard work we were able to find. It wasn't easy, but we love a good treasure hunt. The sound quality on the track isn't perfect, but you'll see that the slight compromise is well worth it.

17 Feb 2010

Inside Music | Patrice Rushen

Interview by Marienne Uszler (April '99), text courtesy of prince.org.

A genteel greyhound named after Ella Fitzgerald escorted me past the grand piano in the living room to the studio at the back of Rushen's home nestled close to the San Gabriel mountains. The minute I stepped across the threshold, I knew I was in the heart of Rushen's professional world.

3 Feb 2010

Music Therapy

VibeRide is delighted to announce that we can now donate all sales commissions earned via our Amazon Music Store, our Spreadshirt clothing store and our advertising affiliates to the following UK charities that specialise in music education, activities and therapy for children:

31 Jan 2010

Mix Twelve

Mix Twelve is almost literally a juggernaut of funk - and it's heading your way. It's our second show of the new decade and with it we unleash two acts not yet featured in the shape of Sister Sledge and Kleeer.

11 Jan 2010

Mix Eleven

Welcome to 2010 and welcome to VibeRide: Mix Eleven, our first show of a brand spanking new decade. Naturally we wanted to kick the decade off on the funky foot, so this show's packed with outrageously funky cuts spanning from the late sixties right up to the noughties.

1 Jan 2010

Gigspot: Roy Ayers | New Years Eve '09

Seeing as VibeRide spent New Years Eve at the Jazz Cafe in London with none other than the legendary Roy Ayers, we thought you might like to hear about it. So here goes.