29 Dec 2009

Bass Man | Louis Johnson

It's about time we took a look at the people behind the funktastic bass lines that feature in so many of the great songs we play here on VibeRide, and so here goes. First up, it's Louis Johnson.

12 Dec 2009

Mix Ten

Yowser! We've reached double figures with Mix Ten, which is available now via all the usual channels. Christmas is a great time to play lots of music and get down to some serious funking. 

With that in mind we decided to make this show an extended mix by including a fabulous live performance from Maceo Parker to round off the show perfectly. We hope it plays a part in your celebrations.

11 Nov 2009

Mix Nine

VibeRide's ninth mix is complete and has just been released for your listening pleasure. Our latest offering is a heady mix of some real dance-floor funk tunes coupled with a few smooth grooves to ever so slightly chill to. 

1 Nov 2009

GigSpot: Ronnie Scott's | Jazz FM's Funky Sensation

Last month Jazz FM announced they would be hosting a regular saturday night event in the upstairs bar at the world-famous jazz venue, Ronnie Scott's.

This weekend VibeRide was asked to go along as guests of Jazz FM to check it out and we were, of course, very happy to do so.

22 Oct 2009

Mix Eight

Mix Eight brings with it no less than four VibeRide debuts, and of course lots more funkful grooves from our favourites.

30 Sep 2009

Mix Seven

We've just put the finishes touches to Mix Seven and it's now available on the VibeRide player right here and via our feed. Whilst you're checking it out, why not listen to our other mixes too.

27 Sep 2009

Inside music | Bluey

Text courtesy of www.agency79.de, interview from June 23rd, 2004.

Q: We are talking to one of the greatest producers, musicians and composers, Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick, who happens to be the band leader of Incognito. There are two things to talk about these days: First of all the new album "Adventures In Black Sunshine" and secondly 25 years of Incognito.

23 Sep 2009

Inside music | Roy Ayers

Interview by Matt Rogers (Feb '04). Text courtesy of www.popmatters.com.

Roy Ayers is a musician, composer, producer, writer, singer. Prolific beyond his 63 years, few have impacted popular music to the degree of this musical mastermind. Growing up in a musical family in Los Angeles, he was given his first set of vibe mallets at age five by perhaps the greatest vibraphonist of all time -- Lionel Hampton -- while attending his concert.

18 Sep 2009

Mix Six

We're delighted to bring you Mix Six, which is now available to listen to right here or to download via i-tunes, or by whichever method you prefer. 

We've still got tonnes and tonnes of funkalicious music to bring you - and we're discovering 'new' stuff all the time.

5 Sep 2009

GigSpot: Chic | Kentish Town Forum

We went along to catch a rare performance by Chic at the Kentish Town forum in London and were treated to a great night of funktitude.

3 Sep 2009

Mix Five

Damn, has it really been three weeks since Mix Four? Time flies. Anyway, Mix Five is here and it's producing radioactive levels of funk. You better strap yourself to something before listening to this one because the groove is so deep you just may get sucked into a hyperfunk oblivion.

31 Aug 2009

GigSpot: Tribute To MJ | Jazz Cafe

We're just back from a highly enjoyable night at the Jazz Cafe in Camden, London and I'd like to tell you about it if I may. Tonight was the second, and final, night of the Jazz Cafe's 'A Tribute To Michael Jackson' show.

25 Aug 2009

GigSpot: Incognito 30th Anniversary | O2 Indigo

Ever since it was announced that Incognito would be performing with Jocelyn Brown at the Indigo to celebrate their 30th Anniversary we had been anticipating a great night and that's exactly what we got. The Indigo was a far better stage for Incognito than the Camden Centre - where we had seen them perform in April - and the O2 arena's venue within a venue allowed their musical and vocal brilliance to burst forth.

12 Aug 2009

Mix Four

After a slight delay (holiday then illness) VibeRide Four is on the webwaves and It's a bass-slapping 49 minutes of funktitude. There's tonnes of energy in this mix and the tempo is high, so hold on to your hat when you flick the switch on this one.

13 Jul 2009

Mix Three

VibeRide Mix Three is now available. There's some real crackers on this one and aside from lots of classic tracks, there's a couple of big contemporary tunes from current jazz-funk outfit The Sunburst Band and instrumentalist Brian Culbertson. 

8 Jul 2009

GigSpot: recommendations

Dates for your diary

Vibe Ride recommends the following gigs (we've put our money where our mouth is and already have our tickets!).

GigSpot: Maceo Parker | Jazz Cafe

An absolute legend. The Jazz Cafe ended up adding a date that I made my sister go to because I knew she would love it (and she did). Aged 66 Maceo Parker is a performer who just didn't seem to tire. A saxophonist who cut his teeth playing with James Brown in the 60s (who, it is alleged, would fine people for a wrong note!). Maceo appears to have learnt a few dance moves from James Brown too!

GigSpot: Incognito | Kings Cross

Incognito are a British band who are celebrating their thirtieth anniversary with a concert at IndigO2 at the O2 in London this August. We saw them in April at the Camden Centre and although the vibe was excellent the sound in that venue was not the best. Nevertheless we enjoyed the gig immensely. There were fifteen musicians and singers on that small stage by the end! Guitarist Jim Mullen, who toured with the Average White Band, had a guest spot. The musicians and vocals were excellent and we're looking forward to seeing what Bluey's got planned for IndigO2. Anna

GigSpot: Roy Ayers | Jazz cafe

On new years eve 2008 we ventured out into cold to the Jazz Cafe in Camden to see the ubiquitous Roy Ayers. It is something I have always loved about jazz; it is the only place a man can play the xylophone and be cool! But cool he most certainly is.

GigSpot: Stevie Wonder | 2008 tour

The last twelve months has, in my opinion, been an unprecedented year for live music in London with a number of bands and artists visiting the capital. Music with a funk vibe has been no exception with Stevie Wonder visiting the UK for the first time in many years; Roy Ayers taking up residence in the Jazz Cafe for a week; the brilliant Incognito celebrating thirty years and outstanding performances by the effervescent Maceo Parker.

7 Jul 2009

Comment: The Truth Will Out

As I watched Michael Jackson's memorial service live on BBC, I was surprised at how moved I was by it. Afterwards I felt like I had actually been to a funeral.

Mix Two

VibeRide's second mix is now available and with it comes a new presenter who sounds great and adds an extra something to the show. This means for the moment I can just get on with the 'technical' stuff rather than doing the presenting. That's not to say, however, that I won't be doing any further shows (who knows in this crazy world right?) Anyway enough of that, let's talk about the show.

4 Jul 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute Mix

Given the recent tragic passing of Michael Jackson I decided to put out a tribute show. The show features 14 of the funkiest and soulful hits from Michael Jackson as the Jackson Five, The Jacksons and as a solo artist.

3 Jul 2009

Mix One

Welcome to the VibeRide blog. Here you will find detailed track listings for each show and information about the music and musicians that feature. The VibeRide podcasts are a series of dynamic mixes of the most incredible funk and jazz-fusion from the last four decades, designed to get you feeling happy and get your body moving. 98% funk, 2% jazz is the way we do it.