18 May 2011

Mix Thirty Three

Mix Thirty Three is out now and it signals the return of the cat in the hat, Jamiroquai. There's a couple of newcomers in the shape of Jean Knight and David Bendeth who bring some classic, and solid, funky grooves with them. This is all backed up with some heavy funk and uplifting grooves from Incognito, Slave, T-Connection, The Sunburst Band,  Banda Black Rio and the inimitable Quincy Jones. Enjoy.

5 May 2011

ebay auction for signed Jamiroquai album

**update** The auction is now closed. Final bid was an incredible £350!
Band signatur

Russell Norton, one of our long-time VibeRide listeners, will be auctioning a signed copy of the Japanese release of Jamiroquai's latest album, Rock Dust Light Star, on ebay today.

The proceeds from the auction will go to the British Red Cross to aid their relief efforts in Japan. What a great idea! Kudos to Russell.

The ebay auction will go live from 3pm (BST) today, so don't forget to get your bid in! What a great collectors item for any funk fan! JK fans I'm sure will be all over this one, which will hopefully mean I very nice sum raised for the Red Cross.
Jamiroquai's signature

Whilst you wait to get your bid in, check out this bonus track from the album...