31 Jan 2011

Mix Twenty Eight

Mix Twenty Eight is in orbit and will satisfy our funky cravings for most of February, which, rather appropriately, has 28 days in it. It could be said there is a kind of love or romance theme to this mix what with track names such as, "Funky Luvah," "Give Me Your Love," "Thinking Of You," and "Girl, I Think The World About You," but, curiously enough, that wasn't the intention. Anyway, I suppose it fits nicely with the February tradition of Valentines Day - if you're into pink teddy bears and the like.

25 Jan 2011

Google Fail, but VibeRide prevails

It's perhaps one of the greatest ironies of the Digital Age, but Google's search functionality does not work correctly or sometimes at all on countless Blogger blogs, which are, of course, provided by Google. Yes, we're being serious.

10 Jan 2011

Mix Twenty Seven

It's a new decade and it's our first mix of 2011. Mix Twenty Seven launches the new decade with a big chunk of tasty funk. It features newcomers 9th Creation and Ronnie Laws and solo work from the late, great Bernard Edwards. Joining them are Kinsman Dazz Band, Level 42, Fatback Band, Roy Ayers, Gwen McCrae, pleasure and the one and only Rick James. 2011 won't know what's hit it.