10 Jan 2011

Mix Twenty Seven

It's a new decade and it's our first mix of 2011. Mix Twenty Seven launches the new decade with a big chunk of tasty funk. It features newcomers 9th Creation and Ronnie Laws and solo work from the late, great Bernard Edwards. Joining them are Kinsman Dazz Band, Level 42, Fatback Band, Roy Ayers, Gwen McCrae, pleasure and the one and only Rick James. 2011 won't know what's hit it.

My favourite lyric from this mix is from Bernard Edward's track, 'Joy Of Life', which goes, "People I am telling you, the system it is failing you. Come feel the joy of life."

Wise words indeed. Words written over 25 years ago, but one's which still very much apply to our predicament today wherever you are in the world - and that's a sign that little has changed for the better. If we stop lending our strength to that which we wish to be free from, and transmit only positivity, this decade could lead to deep changes and real freedom. It really could.

Here's the tracklist:

1). Kinsman Dazz Band - Can't Get Enough
2). Pleasure - The Real Thing
3). Level 42 - Almost There
4). Bernard Edwards - Joy Of Life
5). 9th Creation - Let's Dance
6). The Fatback Band - Wicki Wacky
7). Roy Ayers - There's A Masterplan
8). Gwen McCrae - Funky Sensation
9). Rick James - Give It To Me Baby
10). Ronnie Laws - New Day

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